Football Back To L.A?

Los Angeles is about to get Football back where it belongs! Well at least some of us feel that way we know it will suck taking a team out of Oakland or San Diego. This is boils down to the big bucks guy’s and those with deep pockets will get their wish. Fans really don’t have a say in any of this, it’s purely business.

Millions of dollars will be poured into local construction companies. If you ask me some of the workers including, plumbers, electricians, local carpet cleaning services ancaster ontario etc… are the real winners in this whole money game, which I guess is good for the economy. It might also be a plus for the fans of the NFL. If you watched the video I attached here this facility will be freaking amazing and full of life when it is complete.

If you are a true sports junkie remember way back when L.A. did have a Football team? The Los Angeles Rams played there from 1946-1994. The Rams did bounce around a bit form Cleveland to L.A. So it’s not like L.A. has not dealt with a NFL franchise in it’s back yard. Ultimately the Rams moved to St. Louis in 1995 and are still there today. There was some talk about the Rams heading back to L.A. but it never happened.

football-stadium-545591The new L.A. stadium is going to take is way into the future who else is doing live music before games? Please keep in mind the total construction cost was at 800 million dollars! Like really! Los Angeles Stadium will be located in Carson, Ca population 92,000 and is connected to most of the freeway intersections.

Various promo video reels were made for the NFL showing why moving an NFL franchise to this area would be smart thing to do. Of course the big boy’s with deep pockets want this move to happen, I honestly think the fan would love this move.

Los Angeles Stadium is definitely Super Bowl ready from the looks of it they may be in the running every year to host. The Stadium can hold up to 80,000 fans not only can it hold these many fans but it will be fully equipped for extra activities. Everything you can think of will be in abundance for the fans. With all the hype and hope surrounding this new and improved stadium a final vote for relocation may not take place until January.

los-angeles-703030It’s not all party and sugar plums there, according to one owner, “there are still a lot of things that need to be ironed out”. For instance will L.A. be a one team market or two? When and where will this final meeting take place? It must happen soon so teams can prepare for the 2016 season. There is also still conversations over locations and ownership’s, yes it looks exciting but there are still many holes in the agreement process.

As a fine I really do hope they make it happen soon. I really think this move will be historic and intriguing for the new football fan. Things will happen but when? We will keep up with the media and continue to share our “fan-view” of point as this story unfolds.

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