The Best of all Time

Who is the Greatest of All time? Who is the best scorer of all time? Who has the most championships? On and on goes this timeless debate over who the greatest basketball player is or ever was. Yes most fans will say Michael Jordan and and his flapping tongue is the best thing to hit the NBA floor. The younger generation will tell you Steph Curry or LBJ are the best. No matter what not even a raleigh tow truck could haul away their greatness and what they have brought to the sport.

We all know Steph Curry has that jumper he can drain from pretty much anywhere on the court. LBJ can shake your headon a dunk and Mike, well that’s Mike Jordan. Let’s dig a little deeper into each athlete’s success as they all have impressive resumes. You make your decision on who is the best.

Michael Jordan – He is 6x NBA Champion, 6x time NAB Finals MVP, and 5x NBA MVP. Jordan had a iconic run in the 90’s as the best basketball player to ever breath. He is also the Leading scorer of all time in Chicago Bulls hsitory he is also the all time playoff scorer. He played his college ball in North Carolina where is Jersey was retired. He also starred in Space Jam a kiddy movie about basketball starring the looney tunes  they basically kick alien but. Jordan is the greatest of all time and someone taking that number 1 spot seems nearly impossible.

Mike Jordan

Lebron James – If there is anyone remotely close to being “the next Michael Jordan” it’s this man the genetic freak that is LBJ. He is a 2x NBA champion, 2x NBA finals MVP and 4x NBA MVP. Ever since LBJ was drafted by the Cleveland Cavaliers number 1 overall out of St. Vincent-St Mary high school, he was touted to be the next “Jordan” LBJ did take the league by storm and dominated since day 1. He has be scrutinized and teared down by the media but he has prevailed. He may not be the next Jordan but he is darn good, too good!


Stephen Curry – It may be too early to determine if Steph should be mentioned in the same conversations with MJ and Lebron. Steph does have a a 3 point shot only normal people dream of. He is also a NBA champion, 2x NBA all-star and NBA MVP. Mr. Curry lead the charge earlier this year for the Golden State Warriors and their historical undefeated streak. Their 24-0 streak ended when the Milwaukee bucks shut them down 108-95, this was after the double overtime win against the Boston Celtics. Steph is one half of the splash brothers these guys shoot lights out and do it with style. With that being said Stephen is still very young and may very well be on his way to being considered the best Point Guard of all time.

Steph curry

You can draw up your own conclusion on who is the best of all time. These men are great in their own right. They have made history and it will continue to happen as long as their is a hoop and basketball. The question will remain who is the greatest of all time?

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